Vitamin E - natural and super concentrated


NEW stock from a NEW supplier in the USA. We bring you PREMIUM Vitamin E in NATURAL form to support muscle and nerve integrity, immune function and more. Use as little as 2 grams daily (per 500 Kg horse). Useful for horses that get tight muscles or prone to ty up.

Vitamin E is available in various forms including synthetic. We choose NATURAL form Vitamin E. This is SUPER CONCENTRATED requiring as little as 2 grams.

PLEASE NOTE in natural un-refined form there may be occasional soft specs of wheatgerm (breakable). These are rare however. The colour may also be creme to yellowish.


Vitamin E in its NATURAL FORM is a powerful anti-oxidant which helps protect cellular function in the body, with an important role supporting muscle and nerve function. Horses that may need extra supplementation are performance horses (particularly those who ty up or are regularly muscle sore when conditioned*) as well as horses with limited access to fresh grass. Vitamin E aids the uptake of selenium and in addition aids immune and reproductive function. *We also advise checking selenium and electrolyte status.

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400g, 1 Kg

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