Omega-3 OIL (KER) 946 mL marine omega 3 oil for horses


Effective for respiratory, joints, skin and coat. A de-odourised fish oil noted for its high Omega 3 content (highest of all the omega oils) and in particular usable levels of DHA the most important Omega 3. Useful to add shine to the coat, support immune function, joints, and respiratory.  We also recommend in combination with any of our joint products or respiratory for maximum support.


Use as little as 15 mL daily. Effective for helping respiratory conditions and allergy. Use in combination with Respire or Pollen-Ex.

Also helpful to maintain healthy joints as well as skin and coat (assisting with coat shine).

Recommend building up over a few days to 30 mL. If respiratory conditions are chronic we recommend 30 mL twice daily in combination with Respire or Pollen-Ex as above.

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