Electrolyte salts for horses - salt replacement after sweating *SUMMER CLEARANCE

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Electrolytes replenish salts in sweating horses and those working in hot conditions. Electrolytes encourage drinking and replace lost salts.


Electrolytes consist of Sodium, Chloride, Potassium, Calcium and Magnesium. which are lost in sweat and should be replaced after sweating has taken place. By replenishing salts after sweating homeostasis (body balance) can be restored.

The sequence:  RESTORE by topping up lost salts, which encourages drinking, therefore RE-HYDRATES to rebalance and RECHARGE your horse!

Electrolytes therefore help to; RESTORE, RE-HYDRATE, RECHARGE!

Horses lose more than salt (sodium and chloride) in sweat and in particular heavy sweating horses in hot conditions.

Ordinary salt can be fed daily (1 tablespoon per 500 Kg horse) but as sweating increases Electrolytes should be added in addition to your daily salt regime. We recommend splitting feeds so it does not become too salty into a AM and PM feed where Electrolytes are administered after working the horse. Always ensure water is available after feeding any salt product as Electrolytes will (also) make your horse extremely thirsty.


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