Digest-Easi+ - Digestive aid & mycotoxin binder for horses ***SPECIAL***Enter code OPTIMIZE10 at checkout for $10 OFF! ***


MORE than a DIGESTIVE aid! MORE than a BINDER! Digest-Easi PLUS is a combination that works in numerous ways to support your horse. Supports a healthy stomach, healthy digestive and hind gut function, with the protection of a proven and registered mycotoxin binder to enhance the overall health for your horse.

HORSES feel GOOD on DIGEST-EASI PLUS!!! using as little as 50 grams daily!



DIGESTIVE AID calming a grumpy gut and digestive system. Contains soothing and restorative natural ingredients.

Supports healthy hindgut and digestive function.

PLUS a MYCO-TOXIN binder to lessen the impact of mycotoxins. Contains a proven and registered mycotoxin binder.

Helps control SPOOKY behaviour with an effective mycotoxin binder profile whilst assisting gut health and digestion.

Highly palatable natural (100 %) liquorice taste, even fussy horses love Digest-Easi PLUS!


All in a 50 gram scoop! Fortified! Offering also excellent value!


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2 Kg, 5 Kg, 10 Kg, 20 Kg

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