Mag-eze -chelated magnesium for grass affected + calming horses + ensuring horses stay calm and healthy


Mag-Eze (organic amino acid chelate magnesium) in its most bio-available form quickly tops up magnesium in your horse in times of stress, anxiety, over excitement and during active pasture flush.

Keep you horse calm and healthy! Mag-Eze is the perfect choice for grass affected horses !!! or horses that need nutritional assistance to calm.


By making up magnesium shortfalls in the diet NPC Mag-eze not only keeps your horse healthy but greatly assists grass affected horses whilst also helping to relax muscles and nerves.

Highly strung or higher performance horses may need daily supplementation regardless of grass status as magnesium (also being an electrolyte) is required for muscle and nerve function. When magnesium levels are low, horses become more easily stressed, unsettled, anxious or distracted making horse riding or handling unpleasent.

Magnesium in its organic chelate form is the preferred form over inorganic forms. This is because the body's cell receptors recognize organic material such as protein, amino acids (the building blocks of protein), carbohydrates and fats.  Organic therefore refers to the natural form that is most bioavailable and best recognized by the cell receptors.

The "organic" part (such as the amino acid) is attached and bound to the magnesium part to form a compound, known as an amino acid chelate. The process of binding these two elements to form a compound is known as chelation. The body's natural affinity for organic means the cell receptors will instantly recognize and readily absorb the compound. Therefore, magnesium in this unique form has a higher bioavailability and therefore high uptake than an inorganic form of magnesium. This highly efficient organic form also means less wastage and less disruption in the gut with a faster response (in raising magnesium levels).

Inorganics on the other hand are mined from the ground and are often very cheap but also don't work as well. Some examples of these are Magnesium Oxide, Magnesium Chloride, Magnesium Carbonate and Magnesium Sulphate. These are not bound to organic substances the body recognizes so the uptake is less, the amount therefore required is much more, and as a result it is harder on the gut and can cause gastric disturbances. Overall, it is a much less efficient process and often makes feed unpalatable.

We recommend magnesium as part of your horses daily feed when pasture is flushing such as actively growing and green or for horses that are stressed, over excited, anxious or struggling to focus or settle. As magnesium is required for muscle and nerve function horses in these situations, commonly in shortfall, benefit by raising blood magnesium levels back to where they should be.

To enjoy horse riding or handling of your horse, supplementing your horses feed with NPC Mag-eze enables blood magnesium to quickly restore so your horse can relax and feel calm again.

Any excess magnesium in the amino acid chelate form is excreted by the body. Full instructions are on the label of NPC Mag-eze.




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