Managing the grass affected horse

Grass affected means affected by grass. The factors to always consider are;

-Sugar levels

Sunny and warm days mean sugar ! If you notice suddenly fizzy;

Limit the amount of fresh green growing grass OR increase work load.

No supplement will over ride sugar ! keep in mind very short green grass will still be high in sugar if it is in growth mode.

*Where pasture is limited hay MUST be supplied in its place

-Low magnesium

Usually happens during high growth mode, where potassium spikes making magnesium less available for uptake by the grass. Your horse eats the grass thus becomes deficient or low in magnesium.


 Are mold toxins affecting the nervous system and also health of the horse. Prevalent year round but become higher during high stress times and during warmer humid/wet weather changes

- Digestive upsets

Due to sudden changes of feed which includes grass and can be as simple as wet weather followed by fine weather ! as the grass sugars and protein levels change depending on the weather ! the horses digestive system needs to slowly adjust and any sudden weather change (like bright sunny days) can mean a digestive upset


The Solution is getting your balance back !

We recommend:

Based on an average size horse of around 500 Kg

FIZZY BEHAVIOUR  If fizzy/over excited/difficult to manage (in combination with reducing energy levels by controlled grazing/or increasing workload) we recommend:

Mag eze powder 7.5-15 grams daily

*15 grams is 1scoop. Start at 15 g and reduce as needed over a few days, can be increased back (to 15 grams) if need be

OR Mag eze liquid 100 mL once per week

*For the first week we recommend 120 mL


ERRATIC BEHAVIOUR and/or Digestive upset  If suddenly your horse has become quite erratic exhibiting nervous, spooky behaviour we also recommend:

Digest easi PLUS  1 flat or use 1 heaped scoop 

This contains a digestive aid/prebiotic/toxin binder all in one


DIGESTIVE/RUNNY MANURE/GRUMPY  if grass is green and actively growing and the horse has become grumpy and/or manure runny we recommend in combination with controlled grazing with increasing hay consumption, the following:

Digest easi PLUS 1 scoop

AND Equi-shure 1 scoop