Best Fly repellent for horses -Fly N Bug Repel - it works!


SUPER STRENGTH natural repellent. Repels in an INSTANT! NO chemicals! and NO more FLIES, mosquitos, sand flies or midge!

May also be used to deter ticks.

SUPER EFFECTIVE, long lasting natural formula that is kind on skin.

A large 985 mL bottle with trigger spray offering also exceptional value!

Fly N Bug Repel WORKS!!!


SUPER Strength Fly repellent for horses (and humans!). Comes as a LARGE 985 mL with spray nozzle!

Highly effective to repel flies so they stay OFF! with this all-NATURAL formula repelling pesky flies in an INSTANT!

Deters bot fly too!

As well as being LONG LASTING keeping those flies off!!! Horses can again relax without the annoyance of flies!!!

KIND on skin as it naturally deters flies and all other annoying midge/mosquitos/sand flies as well as flying insects.

It may also deter ticks.


TIP: the nozzle can be dialed up or down so you create a very fine mist or a heavier spray. Twist in small half turns to set the desired spray level.

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985 mL

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