MSM joint supplement - ultra pure for horses and dogs


Premium high purity MSM (Methyl Sulphonyl Methane) that is bio-available for fast uptake. MSM helps to reduce inflammatory markers and therefore supports movement ease in horses and dogs alike. We recommend its use in conjunction with Glucosamine.

Nil swab for competition horses under FEI rules 2024.



MSM is source of bioavailable organic, sulphur. We supply MSM in ultra -pure form as a natural source of sulphur to support healthy joints and connective tissues of equines and canines.

MSM is used by the body by lending sulphur to complete numerous (some 300) internal chemical reactions in order to naturally support health where it has been proven to help with inflammatory conditions. Therefore, is useful to reduce joint inflammation associated with trauma, injury or degeneration (osteoarthritis). Animals such as dogs and horses where joints have become stiff also benefit from daily supplementation.

MSM can therefore be used daily at a dose of 6-12 grams per 500 Kg horse for ease of movement or for other minor inflammatory conditions. Clinical studies show a higher dose of 20 grams per 500 Kg horse improved lameness scores and also showed no change in blood chemistry. However, this later dose would be recommended as a short-term measure only, due to MSM being a nutrient and where no nutrient should be used excessively in the diet. But at the recommended dose MSM can improve healthy function and support muscle and joint health.

MSM can also be used in conjunction with Glucosamine to provide the nutritional blocks for healthy joint cartilage and synovial fluids, together having a synergistic effect for maintaining healthy function.

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