Devils claw (concentrate) powder for movement ease in horses


A concentrated (x10 strength) form of devil's claw requiring 3 grams! Administering is therefore easier with less powder in feed and also more palatable to the horse. It is finely milled for best absorption to supports joints and ease of movement in horses. Devils claw offers a natural plant-based supplement and more holistic approach to animal care and improving the health of your horse.


Devils claw is a popular natural supplement for horses to support ease of movement, free up stiff horses to older horses and those that need extra joint support.

NPC devil's claw is a high strength version compared to regular devil's claw powder enabling you to use less in your horse feed, increase feed palatability while ensuring a high, effective and therapeutic dose.

The active of devil's claw is known as harogoside and where a withholding time is required if competing under FEI rules.

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500g, 1 Kg

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