Cohesive bandage - self adhering wrap. Standard 10cm x 4.5 m long.

Calendula ointment
- soothing and healing for all minor injuries.

Tea tree ointment - using the natural cleansing properties of tea tree, helps heal all minor wounds, cuts and abrasions quickly.

Manuka oil ointment -using the unique manuka oil properties for fast healing of all minor wounds, cuts and abrasions.

Manuka and lavender ointment - moisturising, soothing and healing for sensitive skin and/or face. (currently out of stock).

Mud Creme
- waterproofs, moisturising, healing. Quickly gets on top of all minor fungal infections associated with winter conditions/ winter mud rash etc

Cohesive bandage x 6
Cohesive bandage x 12
Cohesive bandage x 20
Iodine Spray 250mL
Calendula ointment 160 g
Tea tree ointment 160g
Manuka oil ointment 160 g
Mud Creme 190 g
Mud Creme 380 g