SPORTS liniment

As used by Vicki Wilson and demonstrated at Equi-days !

High spreadibility and fast wet down make massage with this product so easy !

Professionally formulated and kind on skin.

For all areas of stiffness, sore muscles, tired joints, buising or inflammation or before and after exercise.

Helps keep horses supple and happy in their work.

COOL-AID liniment -

Helps cool , soothe and speed healing of recent injuries or for use after working the horse.

Cools inflammation and minor swelling. Ideal for legs/tendons/ligaments.


Ideal to help reduce inflammation.


Professionally fomulated and kind on skin.

Just Vitamin E -  Just vitamin E is a natural form of vitamin E with no additives ! so you are feeding just vitamin E !

Highly effective at a low dose, requires as little as 2 grams per 500Kg horse daily.


Vitamin E helps muscles, nerves, fertility and immune function. Popular for high perfomance horses due to the powerful anti-oxidant properties which assist muscles and/or prevent sore muscles. Vitamin E is a powerful anti-oxidant which helps to protect cell structures from damage.


Muscle and ty up issues:

We recommend doses up to 6- 12 grams daily  (3000 iu - 6000 iu) for hard working muscles and horses prone to mild ty up (sore and tight muscles).

Normal doses of up to 6 grams (3000 iu) may suffice for most horses, but those who tend to get constantly sore, suffer from sore muscles; we recommend a higher dose around the period where higher muscular activity or exertion takes place, days before working, during and after.

Also, administer sufficient electrolytes and addition selenium if need be (blood test first).

For an all- in one muscle recovery formula choose Omeg 3 Perform.

SPORTS liniment 1L

Top selling Massage liniment for muscles and joints to maintain top athletic performance

COOL-AID liniment 500 mL

Concentrated formula with easy spreading.

Helps reduce and soothe inflammed and sore areas. 

Vitamin E (pure natural) 200g

Just pure natural vitamin E. No other ingredients !

Vitamin E (pure natural) 1Kg

Great buying 1 Kg size. Very effective and low dose rate. use as little as 2 grams daily (1000 iu).

Vitamin E (pure natural) 400g

Pure natural form vitamin E.

Use as little as 2 grams ! (1000 iu)

COOL-AID liniment 1 L

Cools and reduces inflammation

SPORTS Liniment 5 L

Great bulk buying ! Pump included

Vitamin E (pure natural) 5 Kg

Bulk value price