Horse supplements, skin and coat care for horses

SHOW FORMULA  Shampoo     

Perfect for:


-All coats and colours

-Fantastic results on greys and removing yellowing from tails

-Leaves coats incredibly soft and silky

-Leaves manes and tails tangle free and easy to comb

-Conditions as it washes

-Enhances coat and shine

-Kind on skin


Fly repellent (Fly free)-

A natural spray repellent to repel flys, mosquitos and other biting insects. Ideal for horse and rider.

Kind on sensitive skin, non drying and helps calm associated itch. Large bottle, fantastic value for money.



Provides nutritional support boosting biotin levels- proven to encourage strong, healthy hard and more durable hoof. In an ultra concentrated form; use only use 1-2 grams daily per 500 Kg horse ! Outstanding value with outstanding results ! Whilst biotin is manufactured naturally in the hind-gut of the horse, modern feeding/lack of fibre and or poor digestion often results in less biotin, this can be seen in poor hoof and hair quality. 

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Biotin 400 g
Biotin 1 Kg
Fly Repellent (natural) 985 mL

Large 985 mL bottle with spray pump

Great value !

Show Formula Shampoo 500 mL

Amazing results on all colours ! Leaves coats so soft and silky !