Healthy Horses, Horse Supplements, Skin and Coat Care

FLY FREE Repellent - natural effective formula to repel flies/mosquitos and other biting insects. Kind on skin and suitable for horses and humans too ! the fresh scent also makes the tack room and yards smell devine !



Just Biotin - provides nutritional support boosting biotin levels- proven to encourage strong, healthy hard and more durable hoof. Ultra concentrated; use only use 1-2 grams daily per 500 Kg horse ! Outstanding value with outstanding results ! Whilst biotin is manufactured naturally in the hind-gut of the horse, modern feeding/lack of fibre results in less biotin, often seen in poor hoof and hair quality. Top up your biotin levels with Just Biotin !


Hydra-HOOF - topical hoof paste. Applies clear. Ultra-moisturising locking in moisture for healthy more hydrated hooves. A unique formula offering long lasting hydration ! even the driest of hooves; after 24 hours hooves are noticably more conditioned.


Conditions while it cleanses !  Super fast and easy to use !

ONE shampoo for ALL coats and ALL colours !!!    

Removes yellow staining from greys and white socks, enhances and conditions all coats.




Below is Arohanui owned by Haidee St John.

This is her before and after using our shampoo.


Just Biotin 400g
Just Biotin 1 Kg
Fly free REPELLENT 750 mL
Hydra Hoof - Hoof Paste 500 mL
SHOW FORMULA Shampoo (All in One step) 500 mL
SHOW FORMULA Shampoo (All in One step) 1L