EASI-Stride - devil's claw root powder, a natural aid for ease of movement.

White Willow powder - pure bark extract the most potent part of the willow; to assist ease of movement. Use 30 grams (usually sufficient) but can use 60 - 90 grams for a short term effective relief if need be. Highly effective. 

Tumeric (certified organic) - quality curcumin 4.5 -5 %,  for best quality and therapeutic value.

Most turmeric is used to flavour in cooking so does not have a high curcumin level (and commonly around 1.5%).

The turmeric we offer has a high therapeutic value.

Curcumin is the active of turmeric and offers powerful anti-oxidant properties to support the entire body. 

Easi Stride (devils claw powder) 1Kg

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White willow 1 Kg
Turmeric 1Kg
Turmeric 2 Kg