EASI-Stride - devil's claw root powder assists movement and/or offers relief to stiff joints. Offers natural pain relief and anti-inflammatory properties.

White Willow powder - pure bark extract the most potent part of the willow; assist's movement and/or offers relief to stiff joints. Works really well for natural pain/inflammation relief. Highly palatable, horses love the taste of this. Use 30 grams (usually sufficient) but can use 60 - 90 grams for a short term effective relief if need be. Highly effective. 

STRIDE-OUT -  devil's claw liquid concentrated solution. Each dose equivalent to 30,000 mg pure devils claw root powder. Offers fast assimilation.

Tumeric (certified organic) - very high quality, certified organic.

Our Turmeric is tested for curcumin (with a level of 4.5 -5 %) for best quality and therapeutic value.

Most turmeric found in shops used for cooking (to flavour) does not have a high curcumin level (commonly around 1.5%).

The turmeric we offer has a high therapeutic value.


Curcumin is the active of turmeric and offers powerful anti-oxidant properties to support the entire body. 

Easi Stride (devils claw powder) 1Kg

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White Willow bark (PURE) 1Kg

Works well for pain/inflammation at a low dose of 30 grams (per 500 kg horse)

STRIDE-OUT devils claw liquid 2L

The equivalent to 20 grams of pure devils claw per dose. Fast absorption in this liquid preparation.

Tumeric (PURE) 1Kg

High Curcumin active. Premium grade Turmeric.

Tumeric (PURE) 2Kg

High Curcumin active. Premium grade Turmeric.