Devils Claw- ordinary powder *** Please note we are no longer offering ordinary powder.  Extracts are many times more potent than ordinary powder. This way you use much less for a much better result !


Try our new devils EXTRACT powder !  Ultra high concentration of Devils claw (in a small dose). It is highly palatable at only 3-6 grams and easily eaten by the fussiest of horses ! Strong anti-inflammatory relief. This is a special very high concentration powder approx up to 10 times more concentrated than ordinary devils claw powder !!! amazing results ! works fast and is safe for long term use and does not cause any gastric irritation.   SORRY this one is sold out.


AVAILABLE !!!! Curently we are able to offer Devils extract requiring 10-20 grams (which is treble the strength of ordinary devils claw powder)

Please see below to order.

White willow EXTRACT powder - x 4 stronger and more effective than standard willow powder !

We are pleased to offer Willow standardized extract which is 4 times stronger than regular willow powder.

PLEASE NOTE: The extract wllow has a strong Aspirin odour/taste as the active is salicin (essentially Asprin).

If your horse is particulary fussy we would recommend devils claw extract for fast relief or alternately introduce the willow slowly keeping feed tasty.


Use only 7.5 - 15 grams willow powder (1/2 a scoop to 1 scoop of enclosed scoop measure)

 15 grams is equal to 60 grams !!! ordinary willow powder.


Willow EXTRACT powder 500 g


Willow EXTRACT powder 1 Kg


Devils EXTRACT Powder 1 Kg

High strength powder - use only 10 -20 grams.

Treble the stength of ordinary devils claw powder.