Joint Care Supplements for all horses

GLUCOS-2-flex - pure grade Glucosamine Sulphate for healthy joints. Manufactured under strict conditions to ensure the highest purity product. Glucos-2-flex is also super fine in particle size for best absorption.

We recommend Glucos-2-flex as a good starting point for a joint care regime.

*Clinical studies now prove oral Glucosamine for horses to be beneficial in the maintenance of healthy joints. Studies show Glucosamine helps reduce inflammation inside joint structures and turn over of cartilage (seen in a young horse study after joint trauma). The results from these studdies prove Glucosamine when fed at the correct level is a worthwhile addition to any joint care regime. 

*University of Montreal 2008, Oral Glucosamine in horses

**Journal of Animal Science 2016, Oral Glucosamine in horses

MSM - pure msm aids in supporting healthy muscles and joints. Ideally used with Glucos-2-flex for maximum joint benefit. Tired and sore muscles and joints are common place in performing horses. The addition of MSM can provide the necessary support.

A product recommended commonly used with Glucosamine.

Hydra-flex HA - ALL Horses

Recommended for all horses !

A Concentrated formula containing Hyaluronic acid (HA), Glucosamine Sulphate and MSM. Provides the nutritional building blocks to support and lubricate joints, thereby providing more comfort and protection to the horse. 

Hydra-flex HA ALL HORSES is a step up in joint care offering more than Glucosamine, with more advanced ingredients like Hyaluronic acid to aid in extra lubrication. This is the product of choice if you are looking for an all-in-one advanced joint care product that also offers great economy ! 

Contains: per 48 gram dose: Glucosamine Sulphate 24,000mg, Methyl Sulphonyl Methane(MSM) 18,000mg, Hyaluronic acid (sodium) 300mg

Dose recommendation 24-34 grams  or 48 grams for joint issues/and loaded dose.


Hydra-flex HA Active 

****Recent formula update, now with 40 % more green lip mussel extract and tasty apple flavour ! ***

A joint concentrate offering high levels of active ingredient including a high level of HMW Hyaluronic acid (HA) . Contains no substances known to contravene with swabbing. Ideal choice for high performance horses and those exposed to increased wear and tear. Exceptional value.

This is the product of choice and recommended for all levels of competition if you all looking for an all-in-one and advanced care product to protect joints. Nil Swab for competing and racing.


A dose of 30 - 45 g is recommended for maintenance of healthy joints or 60 grams when extra care is required.


Contains per 60 g dose: Glucosamine Sulphate 24,000 mg, Hyaluronic acid (sodium) 360mg, Chondroitin Sulphate (non shark) 500 mg,

Green-lipped mussel extract (New Zealand waters) 2400mg + now 40 % extra !!!  Sodium Ascorbate (vitamin C) 400mg

*Fortified with green-lip mussel extract rich in Chondrotin Sulphate, Glucosamine and and Omega 3.

Green-lipped mussel is a welcome addition to joint care due to its unique composition. All horses in training become to some degree muscle tired and sore particularly on hard ground or over the competition season. Inflammation must be controlled as the body releases enzymes which cause the breakdown of tissue and cartilage leading to sore, lame and/or long term unsoundness. 

**Green lipped-mussel in extract form is super concentrated and offers a low dose rate of administration helping to support the joint structure.




Hydra flex HA Active 2.5 Kg
Hydra flex HA Active 5 Kg
Hydra flex HA Active 10 Kg
Glucos-2-flex 1 Kg
Glucos-2-flex 2 Kg
Glucos-2-flex 4 Kg
Hydra flex All Horses 1 Kg
Hydra flex All Horses 2 Kg
Hydra flex All Horses 4 Kg
Hydra flex All Horses 8 Kg
MSM 1 Kg
MSM 1.5 Kg
MSM 3 Kg