Horse Supplements and Care Products for Strong Hoof

Just Biotin (concentrate)effective to encourage strong, healthy and durable hooves. 

Many horses benefit who suffer from soft hooves which tend to crack easily. 

JUST BIOTIN is a SUPER CONCENTRATE - only requires 1 gram per 500 kg horse daily.


HYDRA-HOOF - a topical hoof moisturiser with a lanolin base. Super hydrating recommended for dry brittle hooves.

Hooves require maximum hydration over summer to retain moisture and keep the outer hoof fibres healthy and flexible. This also helps to hold shoes, reduce fine cracks and disperse concussion from ground forces.

Just Biotin 200g
Just Biotin 1Kg
Just Biotin 400g
Sole Pak Hoof Dressing 470 mL

Superb formula for all winter ailments ! Ideal for underneath of hooves, seedy toe and keeping underneath of hoof healthy and free of rot. Soothing on bruising,aids in healing sore hooves. Highly recommended.

Hydra HOOF paste/topical hoof dressing

Apply to outer hoof for long lasting hydration. Very moisturising ! Applies clear.