Equi-Shure - ideal for horses prone to laminitis, sensitive hooves and sensitive gut issues.

This is often caused from either rich grass, lack of fibre, or from undigested sugars/starches flowing into the hind-gut.

This results in a digestive upset and often runny manure also known as hind-gut acidosis.

Equi-Shure (unique patent KER) works by surviving the stomach acid; thereby releasing in the hind gut to aid neutralise acid conditions.

Gastro Soothe - a special blend of very high quality ingredients providing a high mucilage* content with a unique soothing action. Ideal for horses prone to all minor stomach irritations/digestive upsets and/or girthing issues.

Gastro Soothe provides a soothing and protective function in the stomach and also gastro-intestional tract.

Ideal for use on our horses.

Gastro Soothe 600 g
Gastro Soothe 900 g
Gastro Soothe 1.2 Kg
Gastro Soothe 1.8 Kg
Equi-shure 1.25 Kg


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Equi-shure 7.2 Kg

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