Equi-Shure - sugary grass ? suddenly girthy ? grumpy and/or runny manure ? Select this one:

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 Ideal for horses prone to laminitis, sensitive hooves and sensitive gut issues.

This is often caused from either rich grass, lack of fibre, or from undigested sugars/starches flowing into the hind-gut.

This results in a digestive upset and often runny manure also known as hind-gut acidosis.

Equi-Shure (unique patent KER) works by surviving the stomach acid; thereby releasing in the hind gut to aid neutralise acid conditions.

Neigh-LOX (KER)- ulcer prone ? Select this one:

Scientifically formulated for horses at risk of gastric irritation and damage. Designed to protect the sensitive lining of the stomach in the ulcer prone horse. Recommended also for horses cribbing and unsettled behaviour as well as stressful conditions such as travel and competition. Use daily for the ulcer prone horse. 


Digest easi PLUS  - grumpy ? aids digestion and the whole of the digestive tract + mycotoxin binder !

Please see our SOLUTIONS "Grass affected" panel (above) to see how grass affects your horse

A blend of pre and probioitc, proven digestive enzyme to faciliate break down of surgars/starches, liquorice extract, silcates and a proven mycotoxin binder. Beneficial all-in-one for the stomach and hind gut. Also aids immunity and lessens mycotoxin related behaviour. The liquorice extract is soothing on the stomach and whole digestive tract.

Select this one as an all-in one to help the whole digestive tract of the horse and helps curb unwanted behaviour.

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Equi-shure 2.5 Kg

2.5 Kg deal (approx 2.5 months supply for one horse)

Equi-shure 7.2 Kg

Best value bulk buy (approx 8 months supply for one horse)

Digest Easi Plus 2 Kg
Digest Easi PLUS 5 Kg
Digest Easi PLUS 10 Kg
Neigh-Lox 2.5 Kg

For the sensitive stomach and ulcer prone horse