Equi-Shure - ideal for horses prone to laminitis, sensitive hooves and sensitive gut from grass/undigested sugars/starches resulting in digestive upset, runny manure, ideal for daily use on horses with any of these issues particulary when grass is flushing.

Equi-Shure works by surviving the stomach acid and is released in the hind gut, where it stops acid conditions.

Gastro Soothe - a special blend of very high quality slippery elm and marshmallow root (ex Europe). Provides a high mucilage* content with a unique soothing action. Ideal for horses prone to ulcers and/or stomach upsets and/or girthing issues.

Gastro Soothe is very effective, is natural and has a fast soothing/protective function.

*mucilage is the gummy/gelatinous substance formed by swelling in the presence of water.

This forms a gel coating; especially important for protecting the stomach where ulcers are suspected inorder for healing to take place.

Gastro Soothe 600g

Soothes/Protects - select for grumpy stomach or ulcer prone

Gastro Soothe 900g
Equi-Shure 1.25 Kg

Neutralizes the hind gut - select for lamintitis prone or sensitive hind gut issues

Equi-shure 7Kg

Best value bulk size

Gastro Soothe 1.2 Kg

Great value NEW larger size !

Gastro Soothe 1.8 Kg

Great value NEW larger size  ! ideal for ongoing use or multiple horses.