Electrolyte Supplements to ensure full Salt Replacement in Working Horses

Electrolytes (Regular) - a neutral electrolyte helping to maintain pH balance and salt replacement for all horses. Contains the required electrolytes plus glucose for faster recovery after work, exercise, stress and hot conditions.

The required electrolytes are sodium, chloride, potassium, magnesium and calcium. Electrolytes should be administered in accordance to sweat output. The more the horse sweats, the more electrolytes should be fed. Electrolytes are for salt replacement and recovery of muscles and encourages the replenishment of fluids.

Horses that are fed high levels of plain salt may suffice for lower levels of work but as the muscles work harder and/or the horse sweats more due to work or heat the need for potassium is enhanced. Low potassium causes weak muscles, fatigue and poor recovery. High sodium causes the rapid excretion of potassium. Our electrolytes have a balance for sodium and potassium for this reason. Please also note electrolytes are not held in the body; therefore upon drinking the horse takes what the body requires and any excess is excreted.


Electrolytes are necessary for sweating horses to replace salts after riding/sweating.

Electrolytes are added to the feed. Ensure water is freely available at all times.

Electrolytes will make your horse very thirsty and by doing so encourages your horse to drink and rehydrate.


Our electrolytes are perfect for all horses in all levels of work and contain all the necessary salts to ensure a fast recovery.






Electrolytes (REGULAR) 1Kg
Electrolytes (REGULAR) 2Kg
Electrolytes (REGULAR) 7Kg
Electrolytes (REGULAR) 14Kg

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