Calming supplements for horses

Mag-Eze LIQUID- once a week dose.  

High quality chelates for fast uptake. Helps settle grass affected horses quickly.

Tops up magnesium shortfalls during pasture flushes to help settle over excited horses.

Also effective to calm horses prone to over excitement.

Contains a special fast acting Magnesium with vitamin B1 promoting a relaxing effect to the horse.

Did you know that Mag eze liquid is like no other ! Mag eze liquid is MORE than DOUBLE the concentration of any other competitor liquid on the market  (of its type) !

Mag eze is therefore highly concentrated to deliver the best results.

Did you know that Mag eze liquid is the HIGHEST strength of its kind on the market !

OR choose Mag Eze REGULAR powder - a daily low dose powder equivalent to our liquid.

Either can be used for grass affected horses.



Chaste Berry (pure)- helps promote balance to moody mares.

B-CALMER a professionally formulated mix to support horses that struggle to settle and relax. Offers nutritional support with B complex and magnesium to effectively settle unwanted behaviour.

NEW STRONGER FORMULA - we have increased the Vitamin B1 and E content. 

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Digest-easi PLUS    (with mycotoxin binder)

Promotes healthy foregut and hindgut function.

Promoting healthy digestion for optimal health and wellbeing, (including the addition of Mycofix PLUS 5.E.)


Contains rice bran and aluminosilicates to support the digestive tract, alpha-amylase enzyme to support digestion of sugars and starches, and the prebioitc Saccharomyces Cerevisiae to assist in managing a healthy hindgut.

(1)Combined with Mycofix PLUS 5.E; to aid in the managment  of the adverse affects that may result form mycotoxin contamination in feed. (Registered pursuant to the ACVM Act 1997, Reg NoA11328)

MagEze POWDER 1 Kg
MagEze POWDER 2 Kg
MagEze LIQUID 500 mL
B Calmer 1 Kg
B Calmer 2 Kg
Chaste Berry 1 Kg
Digest Easi Plus 2 Kg
Digest Easi PLUS 5 Kg
Digest Easi PLUS 10 Kg