Calming Supplements to Relax Nervous or Tense horses

Mag-Eze LIQUID- once a week dose.

High quality chelates for fast uptake. Helps settle grass affected horses quickly.

Tops up magnesium shortfalls during pasture flushes to help settle over excited horses.

Also effective to calm horses prone to over excitement.

Contains a special fast acting Magnesium with vitamin B1 promoting a relaxing effect to the horse.

Mag eze liquid is the highest strength of its kind on the market !

OR choose Mag Eze REGULAR powder - a daily low dose powder equivalent to our liquid.

Either can be used for grass affected horses.

Chaste Berry (pure)- helps promote balance to moody mares.

B-CALMER-  a professionally formulated mix to support horses that struggle to settle and relax. Offers nutritional support with B complex and magnesium to effectively settle unwanted behaviour.


Just B1 - pure source vitamin B1 to help settle horses. Recommended in combination with magnesium to help calm more highly strung horses. 

Mag Eze Regular 1 Kg
Mag Eze Regular 2 Kg
Mag Eze liquid 500 mL
Mag Eze liquid 1 L
Mag Eze liquid 5 L
B Calmer 1 Kg
B Calmer 2 Kg
Chaste Berry 1 Kg
Just B1 200g
Mag-Eze Liquid 2L