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FLY FREE Repellent - Concentrated, strong and effective ! repels flies/mosquitos/biting insects. Fresh citronella scent. Kind on skin and suitable for horses and/or people.



Opti- Mega 3 (premium cold pressed Flaxseed oil ) - Promotes healthy body condition, healthy skin and brilliant coat shine.


For all colours !!!

Easily cleanses, removes stains incl, yellowing on greys, softens and shines all colours and coats.  

Super concentrated, fabulous lather, and quick rinse out ! (rinses in just one rinse !)


Amazing results on all colours. Brilliant results on white ! Super fast to use !






FLY-FREE repellent 750mL

All natural formula to deter flies

Effective and high strength !

Opti-Mega 3 (Flaxseed Oil) 5L

Pure flaxseed Oil

TICKED OFF Trough Preparation 1 L

Add 2- 4 capfuls to trough daily for 2 weeks.

Repels Ticks, mosquitos, flies.

Homopathic remedy.

Safe for all livestock/Nil swab.

TICKED OFF Trough Preparation 2L

Trough Preparation.


Shampoo SHOW FORMULA 500 mL

Super concentrated, easily removes stains, ideal for all colours. Removes yellowing on greys and cleans to a beautiful soft, raidiant coat finish. 


Leaves coats Super clean and Super soft !

Shampoo SHOW FORMULA 5 L with pump