EASI-Stride - devil's claw root powder assists movement and/or offers relief to stiff joints.

White Willow powder - pure bark the most potent part; assist's movement and/or offers relief to stiff jonts.

STRIDE-OUT - devil's claw liquid concentrated solution. Each dose equivalent to 20,000 mg pure devils claw root powder. Offers fast assimilation.

Tumeric (certified organic) - very high quality, certified organic.

Our Turmeric is tested for curcumin (with a level of 4.5 -5 %) for best quality and therapeutic value.

Most turmeric found in shops used for cooking (to flavour) does not have a high curcumin level (commonly around 1.5%).

The turmeric we offer has a high therapeutic value.


Curcumin is the active of turmeric and offers powerful anti-oxidant properties to support the entire body. 

Easi Stride (devils claw powder) 1Kg
White Willow bark (PURE) 1Kg

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STRIDE-OUT devils claw liquid 1L
STRIDE-OUT devils claw liquid 2L
Tumeric (PURE) 1Kg

High Curcumin active

Tumeric (PURE) 2Kg

High Curcumin active