Immune-eze  - (pure echinacea). Supports natural immunity, boosts red blood count important for optimum health. Use in times of stress or use to protect during seasonal challenges.

Garlic powder - the most potent way to feed garlic. Used to support health and natural immunity.

Liquorice powder - pure root for soothing effect on the skin helping to address minor allergy and itchy skin.

Ideal also for its soothing effect on other membranes such as the upper respiratory, nasal and throat areas making it perfect for minor irritations, coughs and colds. Equally soothing on the stomach.

Vitamin C (sodium ascorbate)- used as a natural defence mechanism. Helps top up shortfalls when the horse is unwell or run down. Vitamin C  helps keep the immune system strong, fights infection and speeds healing.


Now stocking Expel -Potassium Iodide -

Helps liquify and clear mucus from the upper respiratory. Ideal for congestion and allegies etc where mucus forms and removal is required. We recommend short term use for this application for 3-5 days (or until sinus runs liquid) or as directed by your veternarian. Very effective. Should any symptom or condition persist we recommend to contact your veternarian.


Echinacea to help strengthen the immune system

Garlic powder (pure) 600g

Immune boosting, super concentrated garlic

in pure powder form

Liquorice root powder (pure) 600g

Soothing on airways. Helps settle minor inflammation of tissue.

Vitamin C 600g

Helps Strengthen the immune system

Wind Aid LIQUID 946 mL

Helps clear airways, aid breathing and expel congestion.

Ideal for coughes, colds and allergies.

EXPEL -Potassium Iodide 200g

Helps liquify and clear congestion of upper respiratory

No. of doses approx 25

EXPEL - Potassium Iodide 600g

Helps liquify and clear congestion from the upper respiratory

No. of doses approx 75. 

EXPEL -Potassium Iodide 100g

No. of doses approx 13 days