Calming Supplements to Relax Nervous or Tense horses

Mag-Eze LIQUID- once a week dose.

Helps settle and relax.Tops up magnesium stores for stressed horses.

Contains a special fast acting Magnesium with relaxing vitamin B1 helping to de-stress.

This liquid is high strength.

OR Mag Eze REGULAR powder - a daily low dose powder equivalent to our liquid.

Both Mag Eze LIQUID or Mag Eze REGULAR powder are recommended for use on grass affected horses.


Just B1   - Now stocking Just B1 (vitamin B1) for horses that need extra to settle. 

Low dose feed 1-3 grams per 500 Kg horse. So below for pack sizes.

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"Mag Eze has been part of Cheleken Equestrian's training and competition regime for over 15 years !

Mag Eze ensures all horses are relaxed, focused and ready to perform"



Chaste Berry (pure)- helps relax and balance hormones of mares, particulary useful for moody horses, also used as support for older horses with "Cushings". 

Digest-Easi PLUS (with 2 x mycotoxin binder)

A pre-biotic/digestive enzyme/toxin binder mix.

Ensures a healthy gut and digestive system. Effective mycotoxin control year round.



Mag EZE PLUS - a concentrated professionally formulated mix to calm horses that struggle to settle, become worried, destressed or anxious. Very effective for helping horses relax. All -in-one supplement for calming.

Mag-EZE liq. 500mL
Mag-EZE liq. 1L

Highly bioavailable, organic liquid chelate. Choose for relaxing tension or horses affected by spring pasture. 

Mag-Eze liq. 2L

Use only once per week ! convienent way to dose !

Mag-Eze liq. 5L

Pure organic magnesium chelate, highly bioavailable. Use only 10 grams daily per 500 Kg to relax tension


Choose this one if affected by spring pasture !

Pure magnesium chelate. Effective helping to relax.

Chaste Berry (PURE) 1Kg

Now available !

Digest Easi PLUS toxin binder 2Kg

Back in stock !

Digest Easi PLUS toxin binder 6Kg
Digest Easi PLUS toxin binder 10Kg

Back in stock !

Just B1 (vitamin B1) 200g

Effective to help settle stressed, worried or anxious horses. Combine with magnesium if required. Low dose only 1 -3 grams per 500 Kg horse required.